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Where can I download the SCash App?

Merchants can search for “SCash” via App Store or Google Play Store, then click to download.

How do I register for a SCash account?

Click ‘Sign Up’ → Enter Mobile Number & OTP sent via SMS → SCash Account created successfully. SCash App is currently open only to Singapore-registered mobile numbers and Singapore-registered businesses.

How do I retrieve my SCash App password?

Open SCash App → Click ‘Login’ → Click ‘Forget Password’ → Enter registered mobile number →  Click ‘Next’ → Input OTP sent via SMS → Reset the password

How do I create my Store?

Click ‘Create Store’ → Enter Store Details & click ‘Create’ → Store is created successfully

How do I activate the payment channel?

Merchant will need to enter & upload the following information via the SCash App:
• Corporate email address (but not individual email addresses);
• Director NRIC
• Business Name
• Business ACRA in jpeg or png
• Business Registered Address
• Photos of facade area, business area
• Bank account information
• Other relevant information (NEA license for F&B business; MOH license for health / medical practitioners)
Upon submission, payment channel will be activated once registration audit has been approved.

What are some of the important points in the registration process?

• Ensure that the Store Name is filled in correctly as it cannot be amended once submitted
• The business registered address and company name must be the same as the ones listed in ACRA
• NRIC must be valid, and only one of the directors listed in ACRA is required to submit NRIC
• Bank account must be legitimate / correct, or else it affects the receipt of payments.

How long does it take for Alipay to approve the registration?

A decision to approve the registration will be made within 24-48 hours upon receipt of ALL documents required. If the registration has been denied, please review the information and resubmit again.

How to scan the customer's payment code in a transaction?

Payment Receive: Open App → Click on ‘Receive’ → Enter amount → Click ‘Receive’ → Select confirmation of payment method (Alipay) → Click ‘Scan and receive payment’ → Customer presents payment code → Merchant scan code → Receive payment success

How customers can scan my Store’s Payment QR in a transaction?

Payment Receive: Open App → Click on ‘Receive’ → Enter amount → Click ‘Receive’ → Select confirmation of payment method (Alipay) → Merchant’s Payment QR is presented → Customer scans Store’s Payment QR → Receive payment success

Why didn’t I receive any notification or confirmation after completion of a transaction?

Please check the sound setting of the phone as well as ensure that SCash App’s notification is enabled in the phone setting.

How can I check on my transactions?

Open App → Click ‘History’ to view detailed transactions
Open App → Click ‘Today’s Earnings’ to view daily and monthly transactions

Why didn't I receive any payments in my bank account? / How soon will I receive payments into my bank account?

Alipay will initiate remittance of the Net Settlement Amount in the selected Settlement Currency to the Merchant’s designated bank account as provided in the Service Application Form on the next Working Day in the PRC, provided that the settlement amount is at least of SGD50 (or its equivalent amount in the selected Settlement Currency) (the “Settlement Limit”).
Where the Settlement Amount is less than SGD 50 (or its equivalent amount in the selected Settlement Currency), the Net Settlement Amount shall be retained until the aggregate total Net Settlement Amount due to the Merchant totals SGD 50 or greater and then shall be paid in the next Working Day in the PRC (or its equivalent amount in the relevant Settlement Currency).
If the scheduled settlement/payment happens to fall on a weekend or bank holiday (in either China/Hong Kong/Singapore), payments will only be made on the next banking day. All merchants will receive payments directly from the settlement bank. Typically, the merchant should receive payments approximately 3 working days after the transaction date.
In the event Merchant has not received the payment, please contact our customer service personnel to inquire about the payment status. Our customer service hotline: +65-31000338
For merchants who are experiencing delays in receipt of payments, please be patient. A slight delay in the settlement of transactions may occur. Please contact our customer service personnel to enquire. Our customer service hotline: +65-31000338.

How do I switch between stores?

Open App → Click ‘My Page’ → Click ‘Manage Store’ → Click to select the desired store → Complete the switch

How do I add a store staff?

Click ‘Store’ → Click ‘Store Staff’ → Click ‘Add’ icon → Select staff role → Staff to scan QR and sign up/login to accept staff invitation

How do I save my Store's QR code?

Click ‘Merchant QR’ icon at the Home Page on the top right hand corner → ‘Save’

How do I modify my Store's logo?

Click ‘Store’ → ‘Store Settings ’ → ‘Store Logo’ → Select the picture → Cut → Modify successful

Can I modify my Store’s name?

The store name cannot be modified once you’ve created your store. The store name and store information are audited and cannot be arbitrarily modified. If you’ve entered your store’s name incorrectly, please contact our customer service and ask to close your store, and re-create your store, review and re-submit your registration for the payment channel. This effectively terminates your existing store.
Our customer service hotline: +65-31000338.