Smart Box V

It can flexibly adapt to different cashier spaces and customize offline marketing advertisement at will. It supports a variety of payment methods including scanning QR-code actively and passively, all done seamlessly while sitting on the cash register.

Self-service Mobile Payment Device

Used for image acquisition, decoding, rapid information transmission and feedback

Reading Performance

Used for 360°2D-code reading

QR-code Payment

Able to meet diversified offline payment demands

Flexible Positions

Placed on various types of cashiers

Changing POP ads at will

Allows you to define offline marketing advertisements

Various Payment Methods

Accept multiple payment methods

Small and Light

Various Deployments

Unique POP Advertising Positions

Smart Box V

Marketing Magic Cube & Standing as attachment

Marketing Magic Cube


  • Larger advertising area and custom marketing information at will
  • with removable POP stand design

Removable POP stand design

Standing as attachment

  • Can be placed on narrow counters
  • Code scanning can be performed without counters

Adjustable scanning distance and angle

Adaptable to all kinds of cashier

Versatile interactions

  • High-resolution LCD color screen of display for customers, showing payment amount and status, and also supports custom voice announcement with clear interactions

Customizable color display

Capable of vertical scanning and can be conveniently located thus eliminating dead angles

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Hardware Parameters

  • Input voltage: 5V
  • Working current: 200mA (average)
  • Supported ports: USB2.0 *1, RJ45 (network) *1 with better
  • Resistance against light interference: Strong
  • Supported operating systems: No limit of operating system

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