Reach out to over 620 million Chinese users with the Alipay Mini Program

Sub-application within the Alipay ecosystem which provides advanced features that value-add to merchants. Reach out to Chinese tourists and convert them into sales with Alipay’s extensive customer base

Reservation System

Optimise customer service with efficient reservation system


Reward loyal customers with exclusive membership

Location-based Marketing

Reach out to your target audience with accurate location-based marketing

Data Collection

Understand your customers with effective data collection


Generate customised coupons to attract customers and to drive sales

Live Chat

Live chat to immediately connect with your customers


Alipay is spending 1 billion yuan in the coming 3 years to develop and promote the mini program platform.

Retail Experience

Inexpensive cross-border and merchant-friendly solution for greater retail experience

Proven Successful

Alipay mini program has already been proven successful in China, and services such as travel bookings have seen high-frequency transactions.

Ask about our custom mini program

We can create custom mini programs to channel the right audience for your business

Sub-application within the Alipay ecosystem

We’ll help you to grow traffic, convert leads, and track sales in one place


A cutting-edge cloud-based program that is always up-to-date and lightweight. Faster loading speed equates to optimised customer experience. You can access whenever and wherever as long as there is internet connection.

One-time Development

Shorter development timeline with minimal maintenance would save cost significantly. All without compromising on the quality.

Multi-platform Compatible

Providing enterprise-level solutions that leverage on what our enterprise customers do best

Converts Offline Customer to Online

Overcome the challenges of bringing your business from online to offline. Our business intelligence tools are capable of pathing an omnichannel business, while developing the appropriate data architecture to drive your sales.