Alipay appoints SCash as ISV for mobile POS in S’pore

SCash Technologies, a mobile POS and e-wallet provider, has been appointed by Alipay as the ISV in Singapore to engage merchants for Chinese visitors. The appointment gives SCash Technologies the potential to integrate its technologies with regional Alipay merchant partners.

Once merchants create their mobile store through SCash’s WIZZ app, they will be able to facilitate coupon and promotion sharing, online membership, real-time transactional monitoring and other integrated enterprise management services for free.

The WIZZ Mobile Application by SCash was launched is equipped with the WIZZ basic Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ToolKit at no extra cost to merchants. All merchants can utilize the services from six different modules to manage their operations on a single platform: Online Store Module, Inventory Module, Financial Module, Membership Module, Marketing Module and Coupon Module.

SCash Technologies has been actively onboarding retailers and merchants in Singapore’s Chinatown to accept WIZZ platform integrated with Alipay as an added cashless payment mode.

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