Get to know us

SCash Technologies Pte Ltd, headquartered in Singapore, set out to empower merchants with market-leading Swift, Safe and Smart technology: integrating mobile payment solutions, developing Alipay Mini-Programs, providing offline to online value-adds, and supporting merchants with attentive customer service.

Close collaboration between SCash Technologies, Dian Shi Technology and Alipay International have yielded more than 50 years of combined domain expertise, create a new wave of market transformation in the fintech industry with an integrated mobile-based platform to manage their retail business as well as to gain immediate access to over 620 million Chinese consumers.

As a pioneer in the mobile POS solutions for e-wallets, SCash takes merchants beyond transactions with its painstaking designed app, probably the most powerful and reliable technology, that positively transform the way the world does business. It is also remarkable that SCash itself has onboarded over 1,200 merchants – micro to enterprise level –  transacting close to SGD 3 million monthly within 8 months of its operation.






Connect rapidly & integrate easily

Direct settlement & protected data

Building relationships beyond transaction

How we empower merchants & enable them to do more


Let merchants do what they do best
to serve customers


Promote & sell more effectively
through omnichannel approach


Efficient setup equates to lower cost,
greater productivity and more savings

Our Milestones

        March 2018

  • Official launch of the SCash App
  • MOUs signed with organizations in US, Thailand, Australia, UK and Vietnam

        October 2018

  • Signed with RWS to build the very first Alipay Mini-Program in Singapore, and begins work on integrating payments

        December 2018

  • Completed seed funding round with investors
  • Achieved more than 1,000 merchants in Singapore

        February 2019

  • Appointed as the ISV for Alibaba Cloud

         October 2017

  • SCash incorporated
  • Began development of the SCash App, with support from Dianshi Technologies, Xiamen

         May 2018

  • Endorsed by Alipay China as its only direct merchants service acquirer, and its first Independent Service Vendor (ISV) abroad

        November 2018

  • Introduced the Smart Box and its Smart mPOS solution

        January 2019

  • RWS officially launched Mini Program
  • Hit SGD 1 million in our transaction volume