SCash is appointed by Alipay as its first Independent Software Vendor outside of China. With the SCash Mobile POS – "WIZZ" App, we can facilitate cross-border transactions with Alipay's 520 millions active users and empower merchants with our SaaS toolkit. Create online store within app and promote across social media and Alipay platform.

  • Mobile Cashier & Payment Unification

    Our SCash WIZZ app transforms any smartphone into a mobile cashier, unifying various payment systems (Alipay and other QR e-Wallets).

    Cross-border Payment Capability

    Develop cross-border payment capability that enable VSME merchants to transact globally with ease.

  • Mobile
  • Empower VSMEs Merchants with SaaS

    Empowering VSMEs with the latest SaaS tools that allow merchant to transact market to offline (and eventually online) customers, manage costs and provide reports.

    Aggregate Merchant Acquirers

    Improve merchant onboarding process so that merchant acquirers can easily sign up and retain VSMEs.

WIZZ Mobile – SaaS Toolkit Features

  • O2O


    Merchants can instantly switch sales platform from offline to online

  • Coupon


    Issue coupons and easy sharing with customers to promote sales

  • Complete POS Ecosystem


    Compatible with various and multiple devices and systems

  • Membership System


    Ability to issue and manage virutal membership card for customers

  • Business Intelligent Tools


    In-app Business Intelligence module allows analysis of business

  • Inventory Management


    Real-time inventory management for both offline and online store

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