SCash Technologies, headquartered in Singapore, and a pioneer in Mobile POS Solutions for e-wallets, established its partnership with Dianshi Technology, Xiamen, China in 2017 with a focus on developing a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution targeting micro, small and medium enterprises, with an integrated payment platform, now averaging 15 million transactions daily.

The WIZZ App takes merchants Beyond Transactions, and is the global platform designed by SCash that empower SME and micro merchants to positively transform their business, by placing simple, powerful and reliable technology in the palm of their hands. Once merchants download our WIZZ App, they can immediately register their business, and a customisable HTML5 online store will be automatically created, effectively transforming the merchant from offline-to-online (O20), with full e-commerce capability, in minutes. Merchants can then apply for Alipay merchant access in minutes, and approval promptly issued within 24 – 48 hours. Our rapid merchant acquisition can be attributed to our unique and fuss-free Know Your Business process. WIZZ marketplace is now providing the direct market access to merchants in Singapore and China, and will soon enter other international markets.

SCash Technologies moves another step closer to create a new wave of market transformation in the fintech industry with this ISV appointment by Alipay, and its objective to empower and enable micro and SME merchants worldwide with an integrated mobile-based platform to manage their retail business, gain immediate access to 620+ million Chinese consumers via Alipay, and yet use the same payment settlement platform to manage their business. What began with Alipay will eventually include various other mobile wallets and payments channels.


    To promote a universal cashless society by being a friend to all e-wallets so as to integrate multiple payment channels on our platform across various international markets.


    Value-add to merchants by servicing merchant relationships, and encouraging consumers to Shop Global Buy Local.

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      WHAT WE DO

      Our WIZZ App takes merchants Beyond Transactions.

        1. Safe & Secure: SCash does not handle the cash, and payments are settled directly with NO third party involvement.
        2. Specialties: Integrated mobile payment solutions, Mini-program development and Online payment solutions.
        3. Services: Discount Coupons, VIP Loyalty Card, Dynamic QR Integration, Unifying QR Codes, Reporting, Marketing, Technical & Hotline Support.

      Offline to online instantly. Free mobile or online store created and easily share across messaging & social media platform.